Sunday, July 6, 2008

about my whereabouts..

on ole-ole bali

a good friend of ours realised our recent disappointment on the cancelled much-looked-forward-to trip and thought hey, why not taste the island's cuisine here in malaysia? after all, we can get pretty much everyone in world's cuisine right here in our own home.. so there we were, helping ourselves out to bali's cuisine in our own backyard in sunway! (but no, a*****e, it's not even close to forgiving U!)

buddying up

on early birthday celebration

both my MIL and FIL were in town and they were very kind to celebrate my birthday earlier in friday's.. u know how it was there on friday nights... it was crazy! every five minutes the friday's crews were hopping from table to table which requested them to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl/boy.. n boy, there were loads of them celebrating! my FIL, being an avid collector of events' piccies, happily snapped away ( n others happily posed for him!)i'll upload the piccies later when i got it from him yeap!


Reen said...

alahai you should go to bali dear
hehehe pegi duduk kat Nusa Dua..situ mmg sesuai for honeymooners :D
bali mmg best sbb semua murah..hehehe and ppl are very polite :D

anis-chan said...

if it weren't for some stupid fella that supposed to arrange it for us, we would be there oredi... dari aritu postpone2 x pegi2... skt ati aku... tp nk pegi jgk...