Monday, July 7, 2008

my favourite things...

last weekend was well spent, i suppose, with events n coccooning at home.. attended hariz's new nephew's majlis cukur jambul in putrajaya (will upload piccies later), had a little (unexpected) reunion with a former classmate, aimi there.. her lil' bump is starting to show oredi... so cute lar.. :) she'll be venturing out from her parents house soon... juz a lil 2 cents from me, it's gonna be messier now ur living on ur own, more things to think (or like me, worry) about, so be brave, n have fun living together yeap!

darling nephew was bawling right before the event, but made the grand entrance quite quietly (thank god!!) and riiiiigghhht after the event, he started crying loudly again! huh, talk about perfect timing... pandai betul!

had a taste of this season's durian (finally) courtesy of PIL yg teringin nak mkn... mahal seh kat kl nih durian nye.. but i'll say, the best durians are those u get from ur own dusun lah..

haiii... time ni lah nak rindu blk umah... best nye kalo blk sp mesti byk durian kat umah abah angkut dari dusun (kalo angin durian tu baik byk la buahnye, kalo x, selamat la...) note - aku tukang makan je, yg p kutip adik2 laki lah, aku malas, byk pacat, takut!

with my PIL n younger BIL safely back in trganu, baru la ribut petir hape sumer lalu dalam umah tuh... bersepah la blk mcm biasa.. mags n novels n cik abg's shirts merata2.. hehehe... i was safely in my coccoon (right in front of the tv) for the whole day on sunday.. what i did:

read a book

i found an old novel by stephen king in mph last week, his first compilation of short stories called 'night shift'.. i read the book
(my uncle's) like 100 times already ok.. but when i saw it i couldn't believe my eyes that they reprinted it, it was a 1970's punye publication! yeay yeay! so i visited the good ol' times thru the book.. best best!

the irony - someone ask, eh anis ur so afraid to watch hantu movies tp u like to read hantu stories ah? so pelik one.. ;)

watch movies

baru nk tgk atonement.. yawwwwnnnnn,.. sgt bosan... i don't really dig la movies cmni.. sgt slow.. n anyway, steamy ke kiss scene tuh.. i read in the reviews ppl are like whooaa... sgt penuh chemistry the kising... maybe aku xmenghayati nye kut (more probably i was already sleepy)

maybe movies like that juz don't suit me - i did sleep through russell crowe's beautiful mind, heck, i slept through 'seven', and that was brad pitt ok!

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