Monday, July 28, 2008

i'd rather not talk about why i missed two weddings today. instead i'll juz pen in about the last book i read.

juz finished on the subtle knife, only 60 pages through the final book, the amber spyglass. the second book tu kelam kabut laaa. ada byk new character introduced in the second book, dr mary, will, stanislaus grumman (tp mati at the end of the book). there's one review yg said as what i thought: the second book suffers as the middle part of the story, being a wee bit boring as the author bring in a lot of little little things to justify the climax he'll throw into the finale.

i hope the second movie doesn't suffer like the book.

which reminds me of when i read LOTR versus when i watch LOTR. the middle part of the novel mmg dah starting to bore me, juz a lot of walking n climbing n ducking n whatsoever. tp the movie, i loved the second one the most!

mintak2 la the same will happen with the second movie.

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