Tuesday, July 22, 2008

aku ke yg lambat?

huk aloh.. aku sorg je ke yg tak tau si lord asriel tu gila?

juz finished reading the golden compass n halfway thru the second book, the subtle knife. lambat gila nak abes the first book. movie dah siap kuar dah lapok dah pun, aku baru sebok nak baca.

but then, better late than never.

nasib baik aku baca. the plot in the novel mmg lari dari movie, ouh i think it shud b the other way around, the movie plot lari dari novel. different chrcter potrayal of lord asriel, different kind of journey, different reason why iorek bernison was in exile. all different lah.

dat's y la they said adapted, not copied from the novel kan kan.

tp it was good (as usual, with novels when turned into movies (except 2nd narnia movie)). it tells more about each character that the movie failed to capture. tp kan when i read the ending of the first book, i wonder how the movie sequel, due to release 2009, nak tally dgn the second book sbb, dah lari la cerita dia!

suspen suspen!

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