Sunday, July 20, 2008

makan time again!

was back from the curve's italiannies to celebrate mr. zeffirelli ibrahim's birthday. told u, these few weeks i was out n its all about eating! man, i'm (my butt more likely) stuffed!

the menu

the birthday boy

me n farina with my favourite creme brulee

the birthday cake.. err.. what's left of it, among other stuff we ate..

oh, i'm waiting for farina to upload the male version of paris (or perez more apt?) hilton in her series of piccies in her blog. cepat! nak tgk nih! :)


shera said...


bloggers juga rupanya :)

selalu2 lah tinggal footprints :)

f a r i n a said...

hahaha..u actually tukar! alahai aniss.... :p

anis-chan said...

wellll... hehehehe..