Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sooo many things..

so many things happened these days kan here in malaysia.. everytime i read the newspaper (online now btw) i feel sick in my stomach.. this is not the malaysia i used to know.. granted there's some hideous crime popping up some of the times but hey, we can't say ppl here are angels aite..
but that's juz it.. not so many power crazy ppl hogging the frontpage news everyday like these days.. (ke skrg baru nak nampak?)

on sodomy cases these days..

i'm not siding anybody here, i personally thought both sides (the dacing n the alternatives) have gotten rotten in their heads to get as much power as they can, but honestly, do u think the de facto whatever he call himself person is stupid enough to get himself into the same mess he was in 10 yrs ago (assuming that he commited the crime) juz when he was about to create the biggest mess in the country by setting a new proposed government? i mean, come on..

tp, yg p take refuge at the turkish embassy tuh nape... n pasal conspiracy tu pun satu, xkan la the government nak pull the same trick twice... x ke klakar (bodoh) tu namanye..

on blowing ppl up these days..

the case dragged on n on n on n xde solution pun... they even get the tpm's wife involved, coz supposedly the explosives they used should be only authorized by him n she's alleged to be present at the scene when the victim was blown to smithereens.. pelik huh... dunno what else is possible now..

on cutting logs these days..

seriously, are u mad??!!! ppl are busy preserving the nature lah, condemning global warming lah, saving wildlife lah, living by the slogan reduce, recycle, reuse (well my boss is) lah, awak baru nak sibuk potong balak plk dah...

dulu2 blh la beb... time mesia ni aman, sejuk, nyaman... time selangor, kl, johor, penang, dan yg maju2 dok sebok potong balak nk buat rumah n kilang n whatever, awak xmasuk bot skali... skrg dah sket pnye panas mesia nih, banjir sana, banjir sini, awak p buat announcement cmtu mmg lah org bising...

on tinting ur cars these days...

ni, cerita plg baru i caught in fly fm this morning.. the truth is i have nothing against tinting cars, sbb my hubby tint his car to keep the car cool, to keep the sunrays away, yadayadayada.. heck, even my car is tinted.. but i'm not so sure about tinting it so black u cannot see the inside at all...

sure, some ppl say its good that the transport minister says tinting shouldn't be juz for the VIPs, it's all about privacy (the guys are joking about quick romps in the car n whatnot)
but (i'm thinking worst case scenario here) if ur kidnapped or taken on a joyride or (raped) in ur heavily tinted car that ppl outside can't see u, that won't be very good innit.. one of the highlights in the nursuhaily case (raped by a bus driver in a bus) was the bus was heavily tinted..

the girl in the radio keep saying she liked the announcement bcoz she can't stand the glare without tint.. honestly girl, have u ever heard of the words POLARIZED SUNGLASSES? i guess its all about choices lah kan.... u don't have the dosh to buy sunglasses, tint lah ur car.. kan.. as for me, this is in my wishlist too (i don't care, nak jugak although xdrive pun)
lulu guinness.. i like! (cheaper than car tint btw)


farahlily said...

OMG i love love looooove those glasses!!! tho my wishlist glasses will be chanel, the one worn by angelina jolie. aku tgk kat KLCC and harganye... mmg idak le teman mampu :(

but one can still dream! :)

anis-chan said...

tu lah ... i like dior ones too, tp lulu guinness fits my budget better lah... penah jumpa kt subang parade je.. tp mmg sgt kawaiiii! ;)