Saturday, June 28, 2008

on movies n trips..

byk nk citer tp tgk tag farah td best so i did that first.. hehehe... ok, what i wanna tell ya'll:

on movies..

time org sebok tgk kungfu panda, aku baru sebok nk tgk horton hears a who.. (download lah mcm besa) best jgk.. horton is a classic jim carrey lah... sgt funny.. he can do dozens of stuffs with his ears, from flippers for swimming to various forms of caps.. klakar! n it has msg too.. tagline: a person is a person, no matter how small... deep kan..

i went to watch get smart too.. yg ni pun sgt klakar.. he's not a bumbling idiot like pink panther's insp. Clouseau, he's smart (his name implies that much lah) tp maybe skema kut... tu yg klakar...
xrugi tgk...

on a recent trip...

utk merawat hati yg luka, a quick weekend getaway was in order.. me n hubby had a quick fix in genting arini... kinda took our minds off things.. n to think that he succeeded to persuade me to play dat flying coaster! gayat siot... rasa cm superman pun ada.. tp best... best giler!!!!!

abg naik space shot

anis yg ketakutan

anis-merajuk kena suruh mkn panadol (skt kepala la plk)

happy couple

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