Monday, July 14, 2008

stil in love with summer flicks..

yyyyeap... saya suda tgk itu hellboy 2... hmmm... nak ckp ape eh.... nak kata sedap sgt tu x la... like, once is enough kat wayang.. nk tgk len, dvd je la nnti.. its not so memorable i suppose..

in a way, i think guillermo del toro is trying to also potray the human side of the not-human-looking superheroes tuh... falling in love, n when helpless n in despair, drink themselves silly n started to sing sappy love song.. can't smile without u, can't smile without u.. lalalala.. sedap la lagu dia actually... hehehe.. barry manilow kan.. mestila..

barry manilow's can't smile without u.. :)

while the movie wasn't very memorable, which i can't point what actually went wrong with it, the song definitely stick... lalala.. :)

aku menurut nasihat kawan2 yang telah tgk hancock tuh, n since so far the review had been not so encouraging, i didnt go n watch it..

thanks a lot to those who wished me (yours truly had turned another year older last thursday) gemok giler aku sey, org asek blanje makan hari2, with cakes for dessert plk tuh! hari2 makan kek, mana la cek x tembam... (penat aku diet... haiiiishh) tp xpa, bukan sllu noh... best jgk cmtuh... hehehe... lps ni smbung diet... kehkehkeh.. tq cik F, cik S dan en. H for the wonderful treats.. :)

huaaargghhh!! raksasa nak makan.. :)

btw, cik abg dgn sgt jahatnye (tapi ttp sayang :D) had fooled me into thinking that he didn't buy anything for me n then said, jom la yang, what do u want, abg xbeli pape lagi nih.. come, let me buy some novels for u.. kitorg pun p la mph.. i juz pick a novel i happened to aim for, i don't like to ask much.. then after we went home, he went.. ayang rajin x? can u fetch a box in my bag... n there i saw a box of THREE hardcovered novels yg xde di mana-mana kedai i went to search ok! needless to say, i was a happy camper that night.. ;)

novels from my hubby!

p/s: ada org tuh nak teman cek p potong rambut! yeay! tenkiu! lap u bebeh! :D


HoongSeng said...

Haha he was really planning ahead to buy u the box set, and there was only ONE left! Hmm can I borrow to read once u r done??

anis-chan said...

sure, no prob. but mind u i haven't finish the first one pun. hehehe.. but i'll kirim thru hariz once i'm done with all three ;)