Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the dilemma

actually tgh pening kepala (asek2 pening, asek2 pening.. ape2 aje la si anis nih) byk plk mende aku pk skrg yg xde solution nye... dah dok sorg2 mula lah pk mcm2.. tgh2 pk yg bukan2 tuh, teringat that i haven't gone to trim my hair in months oredi.. haru!

one of the things that i always did whenever i get back to my hometown was making a very important announcement to my sisters,

'okkkkkk... sapa nak kerat rambut mai siniiiiiii'

n there i was, duduk tepi kolam ikan, armed with a comb, a pair of scissors, some old newspapers n waterspray.. n at least one will offer their hair for sacrifice (but usually i managed to persuade ALL THREE of them to trim their hair... hahaha... kakak sulong yg kejam) its one of the times we get to bond together (not like we don't talk n talk n talk at other times sampai tido lewat gila)

my work was ok la... ngehehehe... masuk bakul angkat sdri (berat!!!) the result is ok,tp aku mmg xde gaya hairstylist lgsung lah time memotong rambut.. sometimes the hair turned out great (for me), sometimes its not... i'm not a very consistent person here..

tp ok lah, as long as i'm happy, n they're happy with their new hair.. kekdg bila blk tuh, xsempat bt pe my sis dah tnye, 'blh ptg rambut org x esok?'

n i'll happily oblige..

the reason i'm telling u guys this?

1) i miss my sisters (duh)
2) persoalan plg besar skrg... SAPE NAK POTONG RAMBUT AKU???!!!

penat la pk.

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