Tuesday, August 5, 2008

makan affair

ok, so i lambat skt nak cerita pasal my whereabouts last week.. hehehe.. sori.. arini cek xp keja, xsehat la (badan, but not my fingers, hence the post).


two main makan2 time, one at shogun on a weekday, another kat bawah jambatan (?) on a weekend. the first makan time was to celebrate hoong seng's birthday. its a japanese buffet. sedapppp, the sushi, n the choc fondue. but i wouldnt recommend the other cuisines. sejuk ok food dia, liat. tp nevertheless, sedapppppp sushi dia.. now, if only i have separate compartments like hariz to store more food i eat...

hariz beriye giler makan

if i wasn't married to him i think i should be terrified of his 'look' ;)

hariz n his yam seng (green tea) buddy hoong seng

pictures courtesy from hoong seng.

the other makan fare was to celebrate ifi's upcoming reception on the 23rd. everybody turned up in pink, but us being us, being all pink and girly didnt stop us from being very ungirly n very loud at the seemingly quiet jambatan in putrajaya. although the place was a bit hard to find, it was nevertheless a very nice spot to have a picnic (never mind my BIL jokingly described it as places trolls like to live!) n talk loudly of THE TOPIC ppl always talk at hen's nite (or in this case, evening) without being overheard.

food passed around n drinks flowed (n the cupcakes were the main topics for laughs), we gals had a blast! u can find more of ifi's hen nite at farina's and syu's!

the blushing (most of it due to the cupcakes ;)) bride-to-be

ouh n btw, if u wanna have a look at how the cuppies looked like, u can go to yayee's! mind u its not for the fainthearted! ;)

upcoming makan fare this week:

  1. all-u-can-eat durian affair!!!! (with feverish body now, i hope my temp goes down before tomorrow. wouldnt want to miss this!!)
  2. naf's reception at dewan perdana felda
  3. hariz's schoolmate's reception in cyberlodge cyberjaya
mari kita makan lagi! yeay! (n worry about bulging hips later)


Reen said...

amboi syoknya pi makan2..
hehehehe nak ikut! :P

anis-chan said...

buleeeeehhh... cek mai sini kita p makan2 sama2... hehehe..