Saturday, August 9, 2008

saya yang merayau untuk makan..

well. the weekend is here. i'm lazing around at home as usual, dok sorg bosan so i'm updating on where i've been these past few days.

two makan affairs dah lepas, dua2 syiokkk!!! the first one was at ss2 where we had lots n lots of durian. me n hubby went there along with hariz's colleagues. i think between the six of us we must have had about at least 15 bijik durian.. kenyang gila ok, xmakan dah dinner lps tuh.

hariz on the roll

the one in front of me

last nite we went for naf's reception kat dewan felda. she looked sooo lovely, sgt unlike the everyday naf i know. tp thats how pengantin should look kan, all radiant n lovely looking with her gorgeous gown.
joh la plk...

nmpk besar lg kat skrin.. hehehe

teman sekelasku yg dah lama xjumpa: ain, aziah, k.fizah, azreen and ifi

anis dok sebok bergosip

most of the 0206 clan with puan am and the lovely couple

p wedding kengkawan nih, teringat my wedding last yr, rasa macam baru last month plk (dgn penuh perasan..) best tau!! kihkihkih..

yours truly's wedding


Azyyati said...

macam reunion lak, bestnya... oh how i wish i was there.... nak balik uwaaaaa!

anis-chan said...

ramai gak la, yg xdtg kalo termasuk ko 8 org je, yg len sumer ada. ko bila nak balik? coming up next, ain bln 11 nih, berg dgn md alep bln 12.