Sunday, August 31, 2008

to do or not to do

this is a big dilemma ok. if i cut it off, rasa sayang coz its a bit on the pricey side (for me), if i keep it on i'll definitely look like one preggy woman (my sis said so when i posed with it) which i'm not.

tp i loved it, ribbons and all.

should i stil wear it at the back, which makes me look like mak buyong from the backview, wear it at the front (thinking siti nurhaliza's weird pink dress with a big ribbon in front... but my hubby said i wear look ok one...) or cut it altogether?

seb baik i have one mth to think it over. hmmmm....

btl la hariz ckp. i think waaaaay too much.

btw, this has got nothing to do with the silk top from my previous post. THAT, is already mine!!! woohooo!! (triftspending has gone through the window oredi lah)

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