Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i always frequent to hot chocolate and mint's blog, simply bcoz her fashion sense yg sgt quirky, tp suits her very well.

so. dgn bau harum semerbak murtabak yg mengharumkan satu bilik ofis aku nih yg sgt mengancam jiwa dan kelenjar air liur, aku menggigihkan diri buat tag :) here goes:

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

being happy with those that i love and care

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
u'll find that out in my next post ^-^

3) Where do you wish to get married?
already la... nikah kat surau, kenduri kat rumah on both sides.

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

5) Are you in love?
sgt100x ;)

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
iftar kat nando's semalam dgn farina, kira restoran x tuh?

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
new moon by stephanie meyer

8) What is your full name?
siti yuhanis ibrahim

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
2-2 pun saya sayang

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
keanu reeves yg sgt ensem ittew :D

11) Christina or Britney?
hmmm ntah la xsuka sgt 2-2. tp vocally i prefer christina although kengkadang dia OTT skt

12) Do you do your own laundry?
most of the times. kalo aku je malas, hariz tlg buatkan. kalo 2-2 malas, kedai dobi buatkan.

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
amsterdam pls :D

14) Hugs or kisses?
aku adalah seorang yg tamak. xbuleh xde satu. nak 2-2 jugak.

15) 8 things I am passionate about:
1. Love and family life
2. shopping!
3. books
all things about fashion - designers, local, international, shoes, bags n make up
, which celeb wearing what from which designer, everything lah!
5. cooking n collecting recipes
6. food to eat
7. accesories

16) 8 things I say too often:
1. wei
2. babe,....
3. Thanx! (not too often la i guess)
4. bosan ah
5. laaaaaaaaa...
6. xde pape.. (ni suke pakai time merajuk ;))
7. oh ye?
8. pening laaaa

17) 8 books I've read recently:
1. new moon by stephanie meyer
2. helen of troy by margaret george
3. the golden compass
4. the subtle knife
5. the amber spyglass
6. the italian's bought wife
7. divine evil (dah brapa kali ntah baca)
8. blue smoke (lost count jgk brapa kali ulang)

18) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. lay you down - babyface featuring boyz to men
2. bedtime - usher feat. babyface
give me a kiss to build a dream on - louis armstrong
4. anything by joss stone
anything by
jason mraz
6. anything by maroon 5
7. anything by usher
8. anything by celine dion

19) 8 things I learned last year:
1. kawen itu best :)
2. bercinta sambil kawen lagi best :D
3. sapa kata miscarriage tu x sakit
4. there's never enough money for a shopper
5. buleh je kerja kat hospital pakai heels (provided stacked heels/wedges la. no stilettos for me)
6. tolerating other ppl's preferences over mine
7. i should've followed my own instincts
8. colour contacts that suited me most are amethyst and green! :D

20) Tag 8 people :
  1. aliah
  2. yah
  3. farina
  4. nasreen (yeap, lagi! :))
  5. put
  6. yan
  7. azie
  8. YOU! :)
sekian, terima kasih.

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