Wednesday, October 15, 2008

chocolate and green and everything in between

i love chocolate. anything chocolate. i'm sure many can relate to me regarding this one everlasting love.

n i love it more when its paired with mint. love it, love it, LOVE IT! be it ice cream, chocolate bar, or cupcakes, i love them all.

in comes another one. lippy. i do like to play with lippies, be it balm, glosses, or plain sheer lipstick (although i basically stick to safe colours -brownish rose and nude pink which suited me well).

what happens when all three are combined?

u get this:
one swipe, and one sniff of it is enough to elevate ur endorphin levels! plus, u don't have to worry about the extra pounds to pile if ur addicted to this!

what a way to destress!!!

i am so in looooovvveeeee


farahlily said...

anis!!! i bought this one too!!! i bought it dalam sebulan lebih camtu and damn, it tastes goood, it smells good and works really well!!!! i love love love!!!

anis-chan said...

tu lah.. i was like, i'm so not gonna buy any other lipbalm.. unless it is chocolate flavoured too!;)