Tuesday, October 14, 2008

saya budak baru belajar

u guys know what an ignorant i am. how oblivious i am to my surroundings. to the point that i didnt notice the glaringly obvious in front of me, until somebody point it out, years later.

aritu i learnt a new thing about cars. this is not new, mind u, its juz that i juz realised it. have u ever noticed that some cars kekadang tuh ada something dangling behind the boot? like a chain or belt somewhat? it looked like some useless thing, or so i thought. one day (finally) i asked my hubby about it as we passed through a grey wira with that thing dangling from its back. it says 'EARTH BELT'. i wondered, that thing has a name ke.... hariz says it is to expel all the statics from the car, discharging it to the earth, hence the name.

oh wait, i said, i thought i've learnt that concept some time ago in school. but didn't it require some connection the earth (as the belt on the wira x cecah tanah), baru blh transfer the static? hariz confirmed my concept was true enough. ooohhh, salah concept la si wira tuh rupanya, ni mesti sbb dia tinggikan buntuit kete dia, dah tertonggek cmtu xkena la tanah. rugi la cmtu kan. the belt cost about a hundred gak. btpa pasang kalo it can't serve the purpose?

hmmm... i wonder if this is a case of following the trend blindly, like a fashion victim gitu... kan?


aliah said...

kereta pun jadi mangsa fesyen LOL ^^

anis-chan said...

tu lah, bukan takat org ja, keta pun kena.

cmna la taste tuan punya keta tu in fashion... hahahaha