Wednesday, October 22, 2008


its dark, and raining........... whattttt?????!!!!

EMPTY-BEAKED STORKSSS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no wonder we're yet to be three!

it's supposed to be like this:

or even better, like this:

on second thought, ke diorg dah abis hantar all those babies to 12 (pls count the number of birds in the first pic) mommy-to-bes n left me out?


pls count me in for the next delivery ey mr. stork!


Nadya said...

huhu..boleh boleh..caiyok anis!insyaAllah..=)

anis-chan said...

thanks yayee! doakan la ye.. :)

cikya said...

wah... please count me in toooo!

anis-chan said...


anis rasa k.ya harapan tinggi skt kut nk dpt delivery dr stork ni, sbb anis ambik gambo stork sekawan nih kat pasar s.6 tuh.. nnti anis ckp anto ke k.ya dgn dulu, lg lama tgu dari anis..

kepong mesti dia x lalu... hmpeh!

hoongseng said...

well hariz better not disappoint! haha but with the flyer found in his car that day (think u saw it too right?), dont think got excuse :)

hey dont worry it's gonna happen sooner or later. before u know it, u're gonna be demanding for laksa in the middle of the night...ok i better not suggest anything more before he blames it on me later.

u guys gonna be alright, have confidence in me bro & wife!

anis-chan said...

thanks for the faith hoong seng!

did he tell u during my brief period of conception i oredi ask sate kajang at 11 pm? hahaha.. thats one funny thing i remembered..

hoongseng said...

haha i cant remember if he mentioned it. wow that's real early...haha poor guy during the full 9 months...but it's alright he is up to it! (erm does he read this comments part?)