Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yes, it's official now

u know how i always loved stephen king's salem's lot, and anne rice's writings. n although i didnt watch buffy, i 've always liked the spin-off from it, angel. all of which have led me to the twilight series.

now, hariz n i are officially hooked on 2 other series vampire related, BLOOD TIES and TRUE BLOOD.

true blood revolves around a telepathic waitress, sookie stackhouse(played by anna paquin, the one who played as rogue in x-men), who falls in love with a 100sumthing y/o vampire named bill compton, in a world that somewhat encourages the vampires to 'come out of the coffin'. all this thanks to the invention of synthetic blood by japanese scientists, called 'true blood'. in the meantime, more and more women are killed mysteriously with their blood all sucked out. and the plot expands from that scenario.

no surprise there.

i think its a very different drama, with that texas twang and all, and very interesting angle for a vampire story, given that i never read anything with a plot that the vampires make their existence known to the rest of the world. baru ada 5 episodes yg downloadable. i'm waiting for more!

p/s: pls don't let the little ones watch this with u. its not that the blood and gore are too violent, no, but it has sexually graphic content.

blood ties revolve around a private investigator, vicky nelson, who retired from the police force due to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, which reduces her eyesight progressively. in the first episode, her investigatioon collided with a drop-dead (but... already dead one...) gorgeous 400plus y/o vampire, henry fitzroy. from there they begin to cooperate in various cases brought in by her clients yg, bila diorg report, polis x percaya. every episode brings a different case, while showing the progress of their personal life. sorta like bones, which i like too.

i know, i know, i like complicated stuff in a story, investigation, blood and gore, bring them all in!

it's aired in a fairly unknown (to me) US channel, lifetime. honestly i think if the series were bought by a more popular channel (like hbo bought true blood) this will be a BIIIIGGG hit!!!

update: juz read somewhere that the series is already cancelled after the two season. great. juz great. n i haven't even finished the first season!

n, pls compare. who is hotter? bill yg suka tayang bulu dada? or henry yg xde bulu dada? (bill, u can see from the pic, that he has. henry, u have to watch the series first! ;))

bill compton - dead at 30, 100+ y/o

henry fitzroy - dead at 17, 400+ y/o


f a r i n a said...

henry. it's the eyes. hahaha...dun really mind hairless or otherwise.

anis-chan said...

aku personally prefer henry too.. hahaha... not only the eyes, but the cleft chin.. swooon!

nmpk sgt bercitarasa lelaki muda... hahaha

maybe dia xdevelop chest hair lagi kut, sbb mati umor 17 kuikuikui