Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the first time i saw this book, i think like, more than 2 yrs back oredi. but back then, i was still a student. n me being a student equals no money, as i solely depended on my PAMA to support my studies. so a non-pharmacy book worth about rm60 was out of question lah.

then when i started working i tried to find it again, tp never found it. sedih. pastu lupa.

until i found it again. yesterday. of all days, i found it during payday! happinesss!!

what few pages i've read i can already tell its gonna be enjoyable. from putting ur feet into the high heels and walking on them to changing diapers to operating computers, 'the girl's guide to everything' is quite apt!


Nadya said...

sebulan bape bijik buku ko beli nie anis


anis-chan said...

seriyes byk kan hahahaha..

aku rasa dah max out dah yg buleh diclaim utk income tax. seb baik blh claim kuikuikui

azheazam said...

aku selalu dpat idea nak beli buku apa dari ko, thanks darl!!!

anis-chan said...

ur welcome dear.. glad to know myposts pasal buku r useful pada kengkawan aku.. :D

farahlily said...

anisssss.. aku baru dapat beli buku nihs, rm29.90 kat amcorp. hardcover lagi! yippeeeeee :D

dah lama aku mengsurvey cari yg murah, dapat gaks akhirnye :D