Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a good start

if ur not a fan of history and biographies (or not an avid reader of any sort of material for that matter), this book would be a good start for u:

its cute in not so many words, and it teaches us the life of our previous prime minister very well. try, n u might juz get hooked up with biographies after that (like me!)



Nadya said...

oh i've been trying hard to think of a book that might interest me nowadays

still cant find one..

maybe it is time for this one


kat mana ada?

anis-chan said...

aku beli ni kat mph yayee.

aku pernah baca article masa diorg kuarkan biografi ni, aku bajet mahal la. skli p tgk xmahal pun 15.90 je.

go go chaiyok! :)

Nadya said...

okeh..harini jugak aku pi beli!