Thursday, November 6, 2008


obama menang. good.

we'll see how their policies change (if there's any).

personally yeah, i prefer obama rather than mccain, but all these politicians are known to juz talk the talk. lets see if he can walk it as well.

the coolest thing that happened was if ur american and u vote (yesterday la kan), u can get a star-shaped krispy kreme, a scoop of ben n jerry's and a cup of starbucks coffee for free!

cool ey?

kalo buat kat mesia gerenti aku vote hahahaha

bila la nk dtg mesia krispy kreme ooooiiiiii...


farahlily said...

kat mesia dapat kuih dgn air je.

btw anda telah ditaggggggg!!!

Azyyati said...

krispy kreme = mucho deliciouso! very very sweeeet

anis-chan said...

tu laaaa.. aku dah lama teringin dia punya glaze tuhhhhh... hei bila la nk bukak kat sini..