Wednesday, December 3, 2008

heels or no heels

was heading to work this morning when i listened to fly fm about any fashion trend that should be chucked away. nadia and phabes were spot on about 7 inch stilettos. i've yet to see anyone wearing them in real life, but the thought of having (OMG) 7 inch heels on your feet is enough to make me feel the pain already. u juz might even hear the balls and heels of your feet screaming for mercy. not to mention incident of twisted toes, and in one case i read, the girl, having to wear stilettos for how many days without giving her feet some rest made her toes so numb (from lack of blood circulation) she didnt realise one of her toes turned gangrenous!

i mean, look at these!! we can even see all the spidery veins popping out. this is gwyneth paltrow's feet btw, pictures are from the dailymail uk

granted la, the lace giuseppe zanotti heels (these are gwyn's feet too) tersgt lah lawanye.. but still, why kill ur toes for that?

betul la org ckp, sakit nak cantik nih. tp does it look pretty? for me, it juz looks painful.

see? doesnt it look painful to you? the heels dont even look pretty! (Victoria B's feet, picture taken from dailymail uk)

p/s: the 'how to walk in high heels' book author camilla morton says the best stilettos are 10.5cm high, thats about 41/2inch only! and if u add a bit of platform at the front, say an inch, it'd b like u'll be walking in 3 inch heel. x de la mengerikan sgt.

p/ss: i wonder if the nana may's hand scrub that i hoped to get from My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway can be used for the heels (of my feet)? such heaven if it can! :D


reena said...

A'ah tgk pun painful.Kaki VB seriously nmpk buruks.Kasut dia pun buruks la...HUhu.

I blh pakai 3 inchs je.Lbh skit dh tak blh blah.Hehe.

Btw, last Monday something happened kat i & my 3 inchs.Maluuu! Haha.

anis-chan said...

hi reena, i pun pakai at most 3 inch je, tu pun dah lama tinggal, n xleh pakai yg halus pun. kalo stacked heels ke wedges buleh la, betis saya gemuk hehehe

Shouta M said...

ah looks painful allrite..kaki tirus camtu okey la kot..mine yg veiny and gemuk ni x sesuai..haha..

what job r u doing k.anis? r u in dept of health?

anis-chan said...

ye cik shu, akak kat jabatan kesihatan selangor, di bahagian farmasi. keje admin ah bosan gak xpractise. tp the work hours are convenient lah, n senang nk mintak cuti pun :D