Friday, December 19, 2008

my thank yous

these days, i noticed i've been craving a lot. mmg la dari dulu2 lagi cmni, but now ah, always i want this, i want that, i want these, oooohhh, i want those too.

now now, this entry is not about food and that kind of cravings. its about all these material stuff around us. sometimes i wish i'm in somewhere remote so i won't know what's the latest stuff and whatnot, but then when i think again, as if THAT will stop me la kan. n mcm la buleh tahan. staying in alor star for a year only pun rasa mcm nk cabut2 je rambut.

so, skrg aku nk buat list kesyukuran aku, to remind myself all the things i should be thankful for.

  1. i'm thankful i'm still alive and well, tanpa penyakit kronik dan cukup anggota.
  2. i'm thankful my parents are well and still around whenever i need them
  3. i'm thankful my siblings turned out all right
  4. i'm thankful that i have a big family yg sgt meriah dan suka mengarut
  5. i'm thankful that i already found my soulmate, a husband, a bestest friend and a pair of shoulders to cry on whenever i need them
  6. i'm thankful that both my husband and i have jobs and income, cukup makan dan pakai
  7. i'm thankful that i know how to operate the stove, so kalo tgh sengkek masih buleh memasak
  8. i'm thankful that my husband is taller than me, kalo barang2 kat atas lemari tinggi2 dia buleh tolong amikkan
  9. i'm thankful that my skin is fair while my husband's dark, because if its the other way around, tongues will sure wag one
  10. i'm thankful i know how to bake chicken that tastes like fried ones to save our blood vessels and tastebuds at the same time
  11. i'm thankful that my hips are wide, so my children will have comfortable 'seats' when i carry them around on my side (while they're toddlers at least)
  12. i'm thankful that i'm at my height, because tall girls have harder time to find even taller partners
  13. i'm thankful that my shortsightedness has allowed me to wear contact lenses of various colours yang berjaya mencantikkan mata
  14. i'm thankful to have kening yg lebat, ada sestgh org tu kening jarang sgt sampai kena lukis, aku xpyh hehehe
  15. i'm thankful that my husband was the only boyfriend i have had before getting married, maka xde la org dari sejarah2 lampau untuk mengganggu rumahtangga
i'll add on this list from time to time :D

toodles people!

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