Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i wish..

masih sakit gigi. the surfacing of the wisdom teeth hasnt made me very wise. no sirrree. it juz made me cranky. one i can stand lah, but two? one on each side, both on the lower row? as if my rollercoaster mood isnt enough as it is.

hopped into farina's blog and saw these beautiful MAS planes. one of the models:

a boeing 747 i think (farina aku curik gambo ;D)

which instantly reminded me of this oh-so-BEAUTIFUL notebook clutch collaboration between HP and Vivienne Tam, a limited edition HP Mini, this i read yesterday in the newspaper.u can view the specs here.

it comes complete with a notebook sleeve and meant to be carried like a clutch, hence the name notebook clutch.

look, isnt it lovely? *meleleh air liur sekejap*

kalo dpt nih, gerenti hilang sakit gigi aku :))

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