Wednesday, December 24, 2008

surat kepada cik jer

my dear jer,

u know i'm not so very partial of u. i think i've made that known ever since u started to grow on the inside of my nose (of all places
!!!) when i was in secondary school. every time ko naik, aku akan korek dan korek dan korek dan korek sampai aku puas ati. i dont care what other ppl wd say about my hate relationship with u, that i should treat u with care, so as not to damage myself. but i simply cannot tahan oredi. i juz hate u. period.

let me say this again. I HATE U!

i thought i got rid of u for good when i hit 20, but nooo... u still come by every month like an old friend visiting, albeit uninvited. walaupun rasa marah xtertahan, aku masih buleh control, b
coz u didnt go mabuk n beranak byk2 on me. cukup time ko pegi. yg tu i can stand.

but now its a different matter altogether.

ever since i got back home after that traumatising incident, u began to visit quite more frequently than before, which i despise and cannot fathom why. why on earth do u want to come by? my face become more fertile for u izit? or becoz my face become a lot chubbier, u think, like, '
more space for me, yeay!'?

aku pun dah besar. i'm not some teenager that u can make a home of.
i know i'm very stressed lately. but thats not an excuse for u to come, i didnt invite u anyway. so pls, get the hell OFF my face!
~(not)yours truly~


farahlily said...

akupun tgh naik jerawat gaks niiii.... besar plak tu, giler obvious!!!! la ni kejap2 aku tenyeh tea tree oil nak bagi dia kecut cepat. yikes!

anis-chan said...

tu lah tu. xphm betul aku dgn hormon aku skrg. gla!