Friday, December 26, 2008

burger king = body spray ????

heading to work, listening to the radio n laughing out loud. burger king ada men's body spray???!!! hahahaha

its called flame, n smells like, quote, 'the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat'.

my oh my.

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i always love burger king, the bk broiler always been my favourite. hariz love 'em too, yg plg besar lah cm biasa, whopper. kalo time ada double whopper pun dia hentam jgk. sedih branch yg kat carrefour subang dah tutup huhuhu

but has eating burger king ever made me n my partner raunchy? gee, i never thought about it that way. hahaha. the smell of 'hot from the kitchen' burger always makes my tastebuds excited, yes, but for food lah. takkan nak ber PDA tgh2 org sambil mkn burger kan. like, apekah? sebok ah, tgh lapar nih!

do u like the smell of meat on ur partner? i think it'll juz make me hungry. n sometimes i think it'll be a turn off too, like mcm bau sate kat baju kan, it's never mouthwatering in that sense. n anyway, juz imagine, ur on a long drive back to kampung, ur stomach is growling like mad, the R&R is still a long way to go, and the man beside u is wearing a burger-scented body spray. x ke torture diri sendiri tuh...

his collection of fragrances are what i'd love on my man (nothing that smells meaty though). n so far the winner of the pack is sean john unforgiveable. seriously, try that on ur partner, n u know what i mean ;D

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