Monday, February 16, 2009

ghost town

watched ghost town for i dunno how many times already. although dia xde actors yg A-lister, but i found it very nice, n its the first 'ghost' movie that is really, really not ghostly at all.

its about a dentist named bertram pincus who gained sight of the dead ppl after died for 7 minutes during colonoscopy. ghosts of new york began to pester him, asking him to finish their unfinished business. but being a jerk that he is, he ignored them. until he met frank, a ghost who asked him to help break up engagement between his widow and a lawyer.

pincus managed to worm his way to gwen (the widow)'s heart, n started falling for her, but he sees that the lawyer, richard, seems like a good man, so he vowed not to mess with their relationship. but then, gwen broke up jugak dgn richard.

dah break up, frank wonders why dia still on earth, since he thought richard was his unfinished business. then gwen found out that pincus knew some things about frank that is very personal, n then she didnt believe the whole ghost story that pincus told her.

finally, pincus realised that frank was still earthbound bcoz gwen cant let him go(since she found out that frank was having an affair b4 he's dead), n went to tell her. but she still didnt believe pincus. in that scene, pincus was ran over by a bus (like how frank died). frank told pincus the only dream that he had, that he only told gwen, as a proof if he was revived.

and pincus was saved. when he told gwen the dream, gwen finally believed him, n that frank had finally found his way home.

i love happy endings. hehehe..

what i like even better, great movie soundtrack. like this one, the heart of life by john mayer. enjoy!

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