Monday, February 16, 2009

to bb with love

ni, tag dari cik baby dlm fb. tp mls nk buat dlm notes tu so i do it here lah :D

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. i am a hardcore leftie. berus baju, iron baju, pegang gunting/peeler/pisau, potong daging sayur segala, kiri. oh, except kalo mkn pakai fork n spoon, spoon tgn kanan. yg tu je sbb i started that in ssp hari2 kena buat. but still, if i am to use only one utensil to eat, then, left. again. apart from abah (abah buat keje semua tgn kiri tp tulis tgn kanan sbb kecik2 tgn kena ketuk dgn cikgu), i'm the only leftie in my family.

2. my left eye is smaller than my right. mak said its becoz i didnt open my left eye for a week after i was born. see, kecik2 dah menggatal dgn dr kan. kenyit mata xberenti.

3. saya baru pindah rumah! nnti saya post pic, atas permintaan org yg kena hantar p sabah :)

4. i love to read. anything, anywhere. near pillow, under the bed, sllu ada at least a novel or two. must read before sleep, or else i cant sleep. had a pleasant reminder from a dear elder cousin that i am like this (bila baca buku xkan dgr langsung org len panggil, hatta utk mkn sekalipun) since i was very very young. guess old habits hard to die.

5. i love cartoons. n watch a lot of it still. now byk anime lah. but kalo ada spongebob dan totally spies i still watch them!

6. in relation to no 4 and 5, as a result, mata saya kero. dan kes saya (power kanan 75, kiri 275) ini agak jarang dijumpai.

7. oh, saya org melayu (i've had strangers asking me whether or not i'm malay), my husband oso malay (although our nephew mistaken the indian fella yg dtg hantar katil ke umah kitorg as him - when he's actually at work)

8. i am a pharmacist by profession, but i'm not doing ground work right now.

9. ada lesen, ada kereta tp x brani nk bawak. heh. nk kena bljr bawak blk.

10. i'm the first of 8 siblings. 4 girls, 4 boys. but most ppl who didnt know assumed i'm a middle or last child. dunno y oso.

11. but then again, my younger sister seems more matured (mind wise) than me. that probably answered no 10.

12. i was always pushed to the front of the line, ppl say aku ni muka confident. even now kat tempat keja some senior officers assumed i dah apply naik pangkat, when i'm yet to confirm with my current post! padahal aku ni self esteem sgt kureng.

13. i love purple, turquoise and pink. but i also love red, blue and yellow. i love black occasionally, and sometimes lime green would do for me. but ironically, i'm almost always attracted to white bags and sandals.

14. love shopping (as with most women in the world). heh.

15. i'm not a morning bird. but then again, i'm not a night owl either. my mood only picks up around 9am, baru engine well-oiled. lama betul nk warm up.

16. i am quite an introvert, not a person to start a conversation. but once u start asking 1, i can answer 10! :)

17. dalam byk2 kitchen utensil, aku rasa bersyukur ada org create fruit n vege peeler. tp aku cuma suka peeler yg blade dia buleh swivel, utk menyenangkan aku yg pakai tgn kiri nih.

18. aku rasa kekdg aku ni hypochondria. sllu pk aku sakit bukan2.

19.i love babies, especially chubby ones. rasa nk cubit2 gomol2 buat bantal peluk.

20. aku amik masa lama gila nk buat tag ni. tag yg sgt random pasal diri sendiri sgt susah di pk.

21. i miss my mak. mak blk bulan dpn yeay yeay!

22. oh ye, kitorg xsambut valentine thn ni. in fact, rasanya xpenah pun sambut. btpe nk loviedovie 1 hari je kan?

23. i love food. chocolatey, cheesy, spicy semua aku bedal. which explains the girth.

24. aku tgh pk.... lamanya nk sampai no 24 nihhh...

25. siap!!!!

malas la nk tag org. later!

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