Thursday, April 2, 2009

hutang saya

tag ni dari note fb cik farah, i juz do it here ok dear. baru nak bayar hutang tag.

Finish the sentence...

1. My ex.. tidak wujud.

2. Maybe I should... not worry about everything too much after all.

3. I love... my life right now

4. People would say that I'm... sgt sombong at a glance, lantak la ko labu, ko x kenal aku jgn cakap byk!

5. I don't understand... why those who delve into politics turn into the way they are. especially those yg mcm xbuat homework n cakap mcm gila x logik.

6. When I wake up in the morning... i look for my hp, tgk, ohhh.. buleh tido lagi 5 minit... tido balik.

7. I lost... none of the weight i gained these few years. darn!

8. Life is full of... good ppl, bad ppl and everything in between

9. My past... made what i am today

10. I get annoyed when... people who doesnt know me suddenly ask very, very personal questions about me. like, helllooo... do i know u?

11. Parties are... great with the right company.

12. I wish...that i dont have to work but have lots of money!

13. Dogs... r useful for some ppl but not for me

14. Cats.. are cute except when they scratch ur hands

15. Tomorrow... i have a meeting lah..

16. I have a low tolerance... of those who have low tolerance towards me

17. If I had a million dollars... ada lah a few things on my mind that i wanna do ;D

18. I'm totally terrified... of, dont laugh.. ageing n discovering new freckles on me.

19. My spouse... is my soulmate n bestest friend

20. My life... is fine as long as i have my loved ones around me :D

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