Wednesday, April 1, 2009

back in business!

Yuuhuuu... i’m back y’all!

I was supposed to get back to the office yesterday but i juz took a day off to loosen all my very sore limbs. Hari ni pun colleagues commented nampak letih lagi. Haiii... nak buat camne.. have to start all over again lah, iron the whole wardrobe contents, beli groceries.. nasib baik hariz dgn penuh bangganya menayang rumah bersih, tak payah susah2 nak kemas. Tinggal nak kemas my clutters that i brought home after two weeks membujang di perantauan.

The first ten days was spent in a hotel in genting for induksi. It was quite laidback, juz classes. But the food sucks i tell u i’m gonna forgo eating watermelons n honeydew for a while. we managed to push around a few classes so we had Saturday evening n Sunday morning off. Sempat la ber-randezvous sekejap balik umah.

Next five days was spent in a camp near kota kemuning, shah alam. The course was fine, tapi tinggal dalam dorm yg even more packed than my days in boarding school, n about 60 girls have to share about 10 toilets n ONLY A KOLAH for showering. U juz imagine lah. Sgt new experience ok.

But despite that fact, my newfound girlfriend n i managed to shower AT LEAST two times a day, n i shampooed my hair almost everytime i take a shower since my hair stink from the physical activities. Thank god i packed my hairdryer along. I think i’ve never washed my hair that often u know, sampai twice a day.So much so that i came home n proudly show hariz my new soft, smooth n tangle free hair.

New hair, new zeal, new knowledge n new love for the country. Very enlightening.

But i’m so ready to be home with my bed n shower. Ok anis jgn mimpi kemaruk nak parti kemban ok.

this month hariz’s shift ends at 5 so we’ll have homecooked meals everyday again this month! Yeay!


peonate said...

haa dah balik ehhh
sian hariz membujang 10 hari :)
nanti zeff pun same for 12 days in may nanti :(

anis-chan said...

15 hari beb... sedih wooo.. tp sekali sekala ada time off tu bagus utk new perspective ahaks

Yours truly said...

welcome back dearie! hehehe padanla senyap sunyi jer blog hang..hehehe

anis-chan said...

tulah, buleh nk update pakai hp tp ya Allah lecehnya screen kecik hehehhe

lagipun after each course ada test kan soo ehem2 kena study kehkehkeh