Friday, April 17, 2009

oh man i did it again..

i've been trying not to cook rice for dinner now, hence all the recipes minus rice. all substituted with wholemeal bread now.

luckily hariz is not fussy about eating rice everyday. well, he eats rice for lunch, while i took no rice at all. a difficult feat i tell u, choosing nothing ricey in the menu. once i ordered sizzling chicken chop, rupanya dia serve with rice jugak. hampeh. i took a couple of tablespoons jugak la, kalo tak, kesian nasik tu (alasan!)

the most difficult part is my office seems to have a lot of reasons to have free meals every week. its either meeting 5S, meeting pegawai, meeting jawatankuasa ubat, CPD, one-day / half-day course, meeting teknikal, meeting metadon, meeting jawatankuasa kualiti/klinikal/CPD, meeting pengurusan / aset / kewangan. not to mention promotions and birthdays.

kesimpulan: byk occasion = byk makan free = berat badan naik.

its frustating when the aroma of u-know-it-tastes-good nasi lemak wafting everywhere since ur room is near the dining room, while ur there, eating, not nasi lemak, but a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter clogging ur throat. DEPRESS!!!

sori la geng, hari ni takde gambar homemade food. makan kat luar eheh. had dinner at manhattan fish market with hariz's collegues, hoong seng n joanne.

n i really blew my 'no rice' diet (again!). but juz a few tablespoons lah. hariz said fine, so i'm fine (i think).

While i'm at it, let me give u a recipe for the wrap that i always do whenever taktau nak masak apa:


wholewheat tortilla bread
slices of roast beef
a head of lettuce and tomatoes
chilli sauce

1. put a teeny bit of olive oil on a heated nonstick pan. cook the roast beef slices.
2. assemble lettuce and tomato slices with sauce on the tortilla. put roast beef on top of the assemble.
3. roll the tortilla, secure with toothpicks on both edges, n pop in the heated 170degree oven for about 5-7 minutes.
4. done!

easy peasy n healthy too! :D


Yours truly said...

anis, betulla..sejak masuk keje dgn goment pergh makan jer...lps meeting makan..mana tak naik berat badanku! hehehe all the best with your diet! :)

anis-chan said...

thanks babe!

mmg x hengat punya bab2 makan ni. tertekan aku. hmmmph