Thursday, April 16, 2009

two dinners in a go

sangap. satu hari takde internet kat ofis pun rasa macam tak cukup tenaga.

this was our dinner last night:

last pair.

EGG SANDWICH. ok pe. kenyang :D

1. rebus telur. dah masak, mash with some mayonnaise. add a little fine salt and freshly ground black pepper.
2. take a slice of bread. susun dengan daun salad n tomato, put on a bit of chili sauce.
3. take another slice of bread, slap on the egg mix.
4. put the two slice together, slice diagonally, voila! dinner siap!

ok sandwich tak payah la tulis step by step anis oi. amatur gila.

this is more like a note for my hubster kalo dia teringin nak makan sandwich n i'm not around ok. dia memangg like me being right-handed (of course, i'm a leftie. duh! ) when it comes to cooking. hopeless!

abang, this is for u. :D

n this was our dinner for tonight:


dinner for two

1. boil a pot of water. meanwhile, slice onions, garlic, ginger n cili padi n dump into the pot.
2. add a level tbsp perencah sup. also add half a cube of chicken stock (no msg added).
3. add a tsp of bawang goreng. also add kayu manis n a clove of bunga lawang.
4. add pieces of chicken, and a handful of curly tricolor pasta.
5. reneh sampai pasta masak, n bawang goreng almost disappear.
6. add some carrots.
7. add a little salt n pepper. garnish.
8. done!

notice i'm sooooo dependent on my trusty bawang goreng to kick my cooking up a notch. thats the most cherished tip my mum gave me. add some while ur boiling ur soup, gravy, curry, whatever malay cooking. u'll taste the difference.

but i dunno, maybe its juz me, u fellas yang tak suka makan bawang or bawang goreng probably won't feel the same.

enjoy makan! i did :D


hoongseng said...

haha u know ur hubby is doing manufacturing now right? so he's polishing his 'cooking' skills, although not really the edible type. but hey, gotta start somewhere right? we have to live in hope :)

peonate said...

aaaa bagus la ko kasi recipe2 ni.. senang aku nak masak nanti ahahaha

Yours truly said...

anis, wah new tips nih...
hehehe masih kurang paham pasal bawang goreng tue till dissapear? dia larut dlm sup tue ker? huhuhuhu..bleh try nnt :D

thx for sharing!

anis-chan said...

hoong seng: well i hope he'll be able to bake a cake later since he'll be handling the same kinds of equipments, but one can only hope hahahha

peon: masak utk 2 org cni la.. sesimple mungkin. nnti ko dh ada KC baru mesti semangat punya nak masak hehehehe

ayeen: bawang goreng tu x la larut, tapi dia jadik soft and very light brown almost transparent cmtu. mmg intention bukan utk garnish but a part of ingredient la hehehe