Friday, May 8, 2009

our new BIG BRO

no. last night i didnt cook. damn if i know whats wrong but i'm running out of ideas whats for dinner. sapa kata x penat pk nak masak apa.

ok, enough babbles. on a happier note, semalam p try makan at BIG BROTHER restaurant&grill near my house at dataran sunway. those yg gila tudung ariani tau la, kedai makan tu dekat je dgn galeri ariani in kota damansara.

ambience sgt cozy

anyway, from the signboard nampak perkataan halal so we were kinda curious to check it out. turned out owner dia malay! in fact he went from table to table asking about the service and food since dia baru bukak 4 months. the chef used to work in shangri-la so kalo x sedap tu tak tau lah.

my au gratin chicken charbroil

chicken au gratin is one of the house's must try. serious, sedaaaaapppp!! hidden behind the chicken is mashed potatoes yg superb gila.

as the owner said, try it while its hot! :D

gambar keji

hariz's chilli dory was something new for us. fish flaked nicely, sedap sangat.

fried dory served with chilli and fettucine

the menu's quite extensive, with pages of appetizers and mains, from tempura to western, pastas and asian food as well, and then there's some choices of desserts. pity it doesnt have creme brulee, or i'll be a fan for life! it also have kids' menu, if u have bouts of diet issues hahaha

all i have to say, italiannies, ur losing us out here eversince u chuck out that seafood pizza from ur menu. move over everyone, meet our new BIG BROTHER!


reena said...

Sedap eh? Kena try ni.Tapi nama dia lawak ah.Big Brother.Sounds gay-ish to me.Hehe.

reena said...

Cop! Mahal tak?

anis-chan said...

sedap gila reena.. tapi tak tau lah yg lain sbb kitorg try yg tagged 'MUST TRY' dulu hahaha.. but yeah bunyi sedikit cheesy lah nama dia

i dunno how people rate mahal tak mahal, but dish dia dalam belas2 cmtu la, plg mahal i think about 30 a dish. meal for two costs us almost 50. i think ok lah, mcm mkn kat sushi king secret recipe nando's gitu :D

Yours truly said...

wah bleh try nih..haha mcmla aku duduk kat area KL :P

anis-chan said...

skali skala turun kl buleh la makan kat sini yeen hehehe

Mrs. Akmal said...

kak anis...bile lg nak update blog?
saya dah kurang 1 nih bahan bacaan harian :)

anis-chan said...

nisa, udah.. :D