Thursday, May 21, 2009

what else for dinner???!!

yep, like i was in the novel phase, with every week had one review, i'm officially moving to 'cooking' phase.

this was our dinner night:


u'll need

spaghetti, agak2 enough for two
2 cloves garlic, yg gemuk2 tau, crushed
a handful of medium sized prawns, buang kepala, ekor intact
3tbsp extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
black pepper
oregano leaves
must have: dried chilli flakes
some grated cheese

1. cook the spaghetti in boiling water with a tbsp of EVOO and a pinch of salt
2. while the spaghetti is cooking, heat some EVOO on a nonstick frying pan, small heat. toss in the crushed garlic until its a little brown.
3. season prawns with salt and pepper, add into the garlic oil.
4. make sure the spaghetti isnt cooked al dente before the prawn is pink. biar keras2 sikit takpe.
5. add in the chilli flakes, toss the prawns n mix well. 
6. transfer the almost cooked spaghetti into the frying pan along with a ladle of water used to cook spaghetti tadi. mix, mix, mix!
7. kacau semua bagi sebati. season as you like with oregano leaves, black pepper and salt.
8. serve with some grated cheese on top. done!

super easy! dont let the lack of colour fool u  ( heck, it fooled me when i first tried aglio olio!)

but seriously, it doesnt cost me even 10 bucks to cook these for two. n ur actually paying at least 15-20 bucks for a dish of these (for ONE PERSON!) at a decent eatery. sikit pulak tu kekadang.

oleh itu, 

marilah memasak! :D


hoongseng said...

hey anis...sounds like u've been cooking up a storm! any chance i'll have the honour to taste your dishes?

hey glad to hear the good news on your mum :)

anis-chan said...

naah its juz another phase that i have before moving on to something else that i'll do sampai bosan. the cooking phase is already dimming hehehe

thanks, my mum is recovering now, n hopefully better than before now that the kidney is removed