Tuesday, July 14, 2009

an alone day

on mc today, so i get to lay around on the sofa minus the guilt. well, there's tonnes of laundry to do still, but then, kejap yeee..

mana tah kabel camera, nak upload pic lamb chop tower tu pun xleh. kalo x, mmg serius semua org terliur hahaha

sunday i went to accompany my cuzzy unee to OU as she's preparing for her wedding this coming august, n whaddaya know, nine west is on sale baby! wooohooo!! sllu i juz bought things off online for nine west as its quite over priced (for me) in Malaysia, n usually kalo nine west ada sale pun 10-15% off (except when there is warehouse/clearance sale). my eyes nearly popped out when i see almost all items were like 50% off! thats even cheaper than buying online!

needless to say, the bride to be x dapat jugak beg untuk hantaran, tukang teman yg dapat :D

some of the things that i spotted on sale :D


Yours truly said...

wah beg yg kaler brown tue brapa harga? ala2 mcm marc jacob's dr Q jer hehehe

anis-chan said...

after less i think tak sampai 200 tak silap, harga asal 379 ke 399 cmtu tak ingat la pulak :)

farahlily said...

anis! i got to buy the shoe yg ada 3-tone Copper colour tu… damn rasa mcm best gila sbb dapat jugakkkk beli kasut tu hehehe!!! and tinggal satu pasang je lagi masa tu :)

anis-chan said...

serius kan! kalo ada org len beli pun aku yg tumpang happy hahaha, 9w in mesia mmg bloody overpriced!