Saturday, July 11, 2009

cerita lapuk

on a few things:

1. went to watch transformers with a few of hariz's friends last friday midnight (i know, lapuk gila :D). was ok, but i do prefer the first one, since megan fox looked more bimbo than ever! i mean, i can appreciate that she's HOT hot, like a girl also cant help staring at her kind of hot. but the close up on the lips tu is quite over killing ok. anyway, my favourite phrase was an SMS from hariz's old friend when we're still at home:

"otokbox, bila nak roll out?"

that, was hilarious :D

2. went for family gath. as one of those yg sllu sgt MIA (missing in action) masa semua kenduri2 cousin2 aku, i missed out meeting my extended family a lot. i mean, A LOT a lot. as a result, sgt segan sebab x cam muka my second cousins (ye aku tau, sgt hampeh. sila kutuk). n aku la yg paling banyak kena interview oleh golongan2 veteran yg dah lama gila tak jumpa family aku.

well, nothing beats a meeting with my very VERY loud cousins over a barbeque :D

3. celebrated my birthday yesterday. bos pun bagi hadiah. malu i. went for dinner with hubbsy and my sis. again, at our favourite BIG BROTHER. we've tried quite a few dishes, having gone there quite a few times. my XL meatball spaghetti was superb, but the star for the day has got to be the lamb chop tower (pics i upload later). gila sedap i tell u!!!

n look what my baby got me: FITFLOPS Walkstar III in lipstick!

he knew i was eyeing these for quite some time when i first saw ParisB blogged about it. said to be the must-have flip flop for Summer 2008 endorsed by Oprah, it claims to improve your posture, relieve back pain and engage your leg muscles for longer to give your feet workout as you walk!

thanks love! (i know what attracted u to buy this for me is the technology behind it) :) LOVE IT!


f a r i n a said...

that's a sexy flip-flop! nak jugakkkk...

happy birthday babe!

anis-chan said...

thanks! i know.. ko mmg.. kalo patent red tuuu.. hahaha

ye lah, now that u say its sexy, aku tgk blk, it does look like thong kan kihkihkih

Paris B said...

Oh I love my Fitflops and I hope you enjoy yours too - its a gorgeous color! Happy birthday :)

aimi said...

k.hanis, big brother tu kt mn? cm best je..hehhe tp ada sijil halal x?

anis-chan said...

thanks PB, i am enjoying it! :)

aimi, big brother tu kat dataran sunway near giant kota damansara. tak nampak ada sijil walaupun ada tanda, but i spoke directly to the owner, a malay man. staf melayu, chef pun org melayu. so i dont doubt kehalalan dia :)

aimi said...

area giant kd? luas area tu, more specific lg? hehhe kat area pakli kopitiam ngn papparich tu ke mn?

anis-chan said...

x, big brother tu on the other side of the road, satu deret dgn cimb n alliance.

aimi said...

hahah dh pg dh smlm... heret si radzi pg smlm..the food mmg superb!!

anis-chan said...

glad u guys like it! :)