Saturday, August 1, 2009

harry potter the review

ok. so i went to watch it with my family. among four of us here's what everybody said:

marwan: boring ah, org siap tidoq2

shuhada: i told you all my friends said tak best but i juz want to see it.

hariz: tu lah, ingat ke ada byk lawan2, last2 mati cmtu je??!!

as for me, here's what i think:

no doubt when the reviewers said its a filler, it is a filler. but then again if ur a harry potter fan u'd know that the story is like that albeit all the embellishment in the movie. i do know that, n juz went with the flow. its juz that its disappointing to see the climax turned out to be soo anticlimactic. i imagined a lot of emphasis would be on the fighting scene in hogwarts, as with the book. ni habok pun tarak. si dumbledore tu mati kering je last2.

n another thing that made me pissed was all the story about horcruxes. abis tunggang terbalik. dumbledore is a wise man, he's SUPPOSED to know. ni like, baru la sibuk nak tau. kesian la. nampak cam x bijak. not the dumbledore i came to know from the book.

the saver, i say, would be ron. kalo tak... hmm.. habis la..

weasley is our king!

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Agheh said...

bosan.... but the magic cupboard is intriguing... hehehehe... jimat duit minyak... balik ganu.. blip! balik kedah! blip! hahahaha....

anis-chan said...

wah hepi.. nanti mati kering cam burung dlm cupboard tu plk hehehe