Monday, August 31, 2009


aaaaaaaa esok kejaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

it was a known fact that my dream of all dreams is to be a housewife yg takde keje lain pegi shopping n spa-menyepa, which is sadly, i know, will forever be a dream.

i mean, gila ke hapa nak quit job (even though i never ever liked it, right from the time i was studying it). i'm still sane, thank you. but still, its all coming fast. extended hours, 24 hour services (which means working in shifts that i really couldnt ...) n this h1n1 thingy still 'sepak'ing my ass every bloody week, makes me long to live my dream.

still, a job is a job however u say it. i really envy those who really enjoy what they do to earn a living, bcoz i simply couldnt.

kesimpulannya, tensi esok kejaaaaaa!!!!!!


shera said...


saya pon xsuka keje as accountant ini..i want do things dat i cm xde pilihan jek!


slalu g bazaar ttdi ek? tegur lah kalo jmpa..ahahaha

anis-chan said...

sedih la kan shera, hari2 buat benda yg kita tak suka.

org kalo rajin je p bazar ttdi tu, org RAMAI GILA. ces