Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i really need to get my priorities sorted. dah tinggal last lap dah ni, tinggal 9 hari dah nak 2010. n we are already 4 days into 1431H. ada resolusi baru?

knowing me, n knowing u know me, i dont really have a resolute resolution. sangat suka just to go with the flow. what will be, will be. what goes around comes around. well u get my drift. kekadang memang, rasa macam daun berguguran, kalau jatuh atas tanah pun takde impact to anyone. i think not being content with my work (ie pharmacy) has got a lot to do with it.

a few things i hope to make things better next year:

1) lose weight!! (since when this is not a resolution every bloody year?) my weight really yo-yoed this year, n its really noticeable especially to those who are close to me. let me see, what i had tried:

+ Herbalife - (oh no that doesnt count because its last year)

+ Premium Beautiful - wore it for only two weeks religiously, then on off for two months. lost 7cm on my butt and 9 cm on my waist. been like that until now eventhough i havent worn it for more than 1 month. good no? tapi tak larat nak pakai pagi2. bila bangun je i was like, damn i have to wear that bloody pants. its so not good for my temper (am not a morning person). never minded wearing the bra and corset though. apakah nasib, bumper power sangat(??!!!)

+ Master Cleanse diet - havent tried anything this extreme before, but i was desperate to detox myself. Sila google untuk maklumat lanjut. Oh, btw, i only lasted two (bloody) days. but dua hari pun, ppl kat ofis noticed my face mcm kecik sikit n looked better. tak rasa lapar pun actually, tapi i crave teruk sgt on the second day sampai nangis mintak hariz belikan nasi ayam yang kedainya dah setahun kitorg tak pegi. gila kan, tetiba teringat.

skali skala buleh buat lagi satu ke dua hari. sedap!

ada satu lagi. baru beli ni ha. tgk la, bila dah selesai n ada hasil, i'll write it down here.

2) nnti esok2 pk lagi ok. later!

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