Saturday, December 26, 2009

spot(SS) on!

yep. for those who hasnt known, i'm officially a very old kid yesterday. dapat chicken pox you! hahahaha

i've had a chilly episode on tuesday, which led to me getting mc on wednesday. since then my temperature had gone up and down with paracetamol ingestion. dr pointed out that it was viral, that i had to do blood test if the fever didnt break by the third day.

well on the third day was my lucky day. spotted a blister! but i thought it was juz a normal blister, sbb tgh poke blisters on my feet hasil pakai heels baru ke ofis.

so here i am now, stuck at home being a queen bee, faithfully ingesting acyclovir to prevent the worst (especially on my face!!!)

the worst is, hariz juz came back after buying 4 Avatar 3D tickets for us when i showed him the spots yesterday. terpaksa la lelong tiket tu. seb baik my 2nd cuz nak beli, kalo tak melayang duit.

wish me well!


reena said...

Haaaa?! Baru kena chic pox? Alalala..siannya..Get well soon ok! :)

anis-chan said...

tu lah tu reena.. dah umur 27 baru nak kena.. apala nasib..

thanks! :)

shera said...

get well soon k.anis!

anis-chan said...

thanks sher!