Saturday, January 9, 2010

avatar versus sherlock holmes

well i know they dont even fall into the same genre, but wth i'll juz say what i thought about both movies.

i watched avatar with no perception whatsoever, except mainly curious to find out why people said its the best movie ever in 2009. after the movie, i still dont get why people are getting fanatical about it.

from my point of view, the movie actually showed the cruelty of man towards other species, and annoyingly it actually resembles cerita penjajah jugak la, which i am not a fan. how can it not, when men pegi pandora nak ambik batu yg berjuta2, dia sanggup banish the aboriginals from their nativeland? this movie sebijik mcm cerita banduan inggeris yang asal2 sekali that was sent to american land and banish the native americans from their own settlements, their own soil. its a very disturbing topic for me.

nasib baik la the natives eventually triumph in the movie (unlike native americans), kalau tak, lagi tak puas hati.

special effects i admit, mmg cantik, n i appreciate that. the forest was very surreal, like a beautiful dream. it was so vivid its almost possible to have existed, the fluorescence and the way the trees swayed and the ferns light up. reminds me of deep sea creatures and corals. i suspected thats where james cameron got his inspiration anyway.

comel kan?

now. sherlock holmes, is soo my interest. i mean, i watch and read investigative sort of stories a lot. like A LOT a lot. i love all the gore and the messiness of crime/mystery solving. and having my iron-man as sherlock helps push things along nicely. what surprised me is how suave jude law looked in this movie, tempang and all. maybe the moustache did it hahaha

solving paranormal crimes with scientific evidences is so very like the sherlock holmes stories i read back then, n i'm glad the movie production house sticks to that plot. but although the movie potrays holmes as a very shaggy, unkempt fella, unlike holmes stories, i rather like it since it fits the movie well. satu je scene macam tak berapa real, when the slaughterhouse tgh meletup-letup bagai nak gila and watson adalah ter paling close to the starting point of explosion, i'm surprised he's still intact. i mean, oi, lose an ear la already. ni luka-luka je?? come onnn..

this movie showed the age on robert downey jr. i mean i was like, wow, berapa banyak airbrush they did in ironman? but the bowler hat looked good on him :D

come to think of it, my scepticism towards avatar probably stemmed from me not getting the space fantasy hype. i mean, i'm not a star wars fan, n i didnt get why people kata pandorum best (sebab aku tengok mengantuk2). i do like fantasy type stories, but only if they remain on earth. kalau underwater ke laut macam mana pun aku buleh terima, hell i love harry potter for god's sake. bila dah ke awan, ke planet lain, tu agak melampau. bagi aku lah :)

i suspected both movies will have their sequels (avatar tu aku agak2 macam jurassic park ah), n i'll patiently wait for their releases.for now i'll juz be content on wanting to watch ironman 2 and alice in wonderland.

i wonder, dorian gray masuk malaysia tak? i'm curious how they put it into movie, not to mention the dorian gray ialah prince caspian (and as young dunstan in stardust) actor tuh, ben barnes. yummo!

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Yours truly said...

hehe beb Avatar is one of the good movie sbb citer dia totally different from others..but Holmes is sooo yummylicious..haah rasa2 masa baca buku2 dia dulu, Holmes nih sgt smart and kaya kan?? hehe apapun i love both movies!

anis-chan said...

yep, thats a plus point lah for avatar. tp bila pk blk cerita dia mmg cedok sejarah jugak la, british conquering india, tanah melayu n others for produces like spices and minerals in their soil kind of thing.(gila bunyi cam cikgu sejarah hahaha)

holmes tu comot2 pun hensem kan! tak tau la bila nak p tgk lagi tah :)