Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake up and smell the coffee!! Oh wait. I don't drink coffee. Smell the chocolate!!

Was glancing through my blog layout when i saw the ticker. Eeeeepps!!! This year 3 years already meh? Gilaaaa!!!

Oh well. Takpe, rasa mcm baru kawin dua bulan lepas. Hahahaha.. Still manja, still nakal, still suka usik, and still and still and still. Badan je tak nampak macam time baru lepas dua bulan kawin. What to do... a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

My things to do:

*trim rambut

*thread brows

*beli groceries!

*survey handphone baru - tolong la jgn mati tak tentu pasal lagi sayang oi, aku tak larat nak maki

*start thinking what to buy for hariz's birthday started but haven’t decided. HOW???!!

*pegi tgk avatar and sherlock holmes cepat!!

oh yeah, we attempted to watch the traveller's wife over the last weekend, but to no avail. i dunno, but its really not my cup of tea. we could concentrate, like, for the first 45 minutes i guess? after that hariz slipped into dreamland, n me, happy to find the pc was left alone (yeay!!!)
started twiddledee-twiddledum in front of it.

n the tv was left to watch hariz sleeping :)

maybe when i'm in a soppier mood, i'll try n drag hariz along to watch it. try again next time, anis!

had partial movie marathon last night. baru nak tengok aliens in the attic dengan cloudy with chances of meatballs. both warranted a few more rounds of rewatching. very entertaining!

up next: inglourious basterds, dorian gray, and night at the museum 2!

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Am said...

Dorian Gray dah keluar DVD ke? tak jumpa pon...