Tuesday, January 5, 2010

back to work!

oh, i was around at work yesterday already. ingat nak put another post last night but seing desktop on a 47" adalah terlalu besar gila babi, not to mention takde privacy.

we're in subang right now, not at home, which explains the humongousness of the tele. bila hariz dah bercita2 nak ada TV sebesar dinding living room, i juz had to put my foot down. the main thing is, memang la i'm shortsighted (kok ye pun nak perli hahahha), buuuutttt.. the living room is not panjang u see, i dont have go far to get to the other side of the wall. so its gonna be like watching wayang with u sitting at the front row.

ok. enough intro mengarut.

i'm happy to report that my stila bargain purchase was such a hit its becoming my staple for day to day look. the eyeshadows are marvellous! no wonder most of the beauty blogs i read gave good reviews on stila eyeshadows. satu swatch on my fingertips dah cukup for a vivid eye colour, the colour payoff is THAT good.

i'm still considering jumping brand for my skincare, now that i'm bored with garnier (i.e. only halfway through the tub!!!). philosophy's Hope In A Jar is on top of the TO TRY list now, though i might have to buy it only online. but i might revert back to bobbi brown face base, which was wonderful while it lasted with me. hati kata jangan jangan JANGAN try clarins, knowing it'll burn a huge hole in my pocket. practical me said to give the whole clinique range a go, since its like only RM1 / ML for basic mosturizer. but the more practical me said if i want to be a real cheapo, why not juz use olay instead since its done wonders to my mother (n i can end up dapat kulit gebu macam dia)?

never tried this, maka sangat teringin, termasuk lah its purity made simple cleanser

penah pakai, dan sangat suka, nak patah balik tak?online diagnosis said i should use this instead if i am to be a clarins user

bought a 30ml bottle from reena and it saved me from a season of total flakiness!

cilok dari mak and OhEmGee muka licin gila
hows that for total serabutness in my head?

oh ya, i only focus on the mosturizer since cleanser and toner aku boleh pakai basically anything.

that sums up like 5% of what i'm thinking today * terbayang my thoughts macam highway time balik raya yang sesak gila*

esok cuti yahuuuu! (yahuu??!! baru je cuti seminggu???!!!)

later! :D

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