Friday, December 18, 2009

hello!! care for some news?

its a little too dusty in here, isnt it?

i've been neglecting this space for a while, i know. terasa mcm takde mood jugak.

anyway, i really cant wait for my shopping date this sunday with my lil sis. shuhada is in her fourth year dentistry, n the very tight schedule really stressed her out. what else is more rejuvenating than a shopping spree?

as if this christmas and year end sale havent made enough damage to my pocket.

first off, big bad book clearance.

just a few of my purchases. but my favourite has to be this:

sgt best!!!

then the online purchases. God knows how much i spent online, but the bargain was soooo irresistable!!

my best purchase so far:

this set was the ultimate bargain!

i got the whole set, i mean the whole, full sized set, for only 65 ringgit! how can i ever resist, when i get the lipglaze and majorlash mascara in the set as well? u have to pay like 85 bucks for the lipglaze alone if its not on sale. n i'm sooo loving it! the tinted mosturizer (50ml) is in shade 1, and is perfect for my colour. the eyeshadows are kitten, wheat, golightly and mystic. nice if u r like me, who likes the natural day look. the convertible lip n cheek is in peony (but its the only small sized one - but still, the size of the eyeshadow pan!) which i feel is flattering on any skinshade. thats why its in this set, all the best buys of stila!

then there's the dresses, fabrics buat baju kurung, the shawls, perfumes, heels, but oh, i juz got a pair of heels that i liked. thats why i cant wait for my shopping date.

i'm soooo not done shopping yet!!!

later yeap, getting ready for tonight's movie date! toodles!


Yours truly said...

wooohoo patutla senyap siot! rupa2nya dok tekun shopping online! ngeh ngeh ngeh

anis-chan said...

hahahaha.. that, n mmg tak rasa nak update :D

reena said...

Woah! RM65 only??? Awat mutah sgttt? Bestnya!

anis-chan said...

christmas sale sayang, beli kat strawberrynet :D