Thursday, January 28, 2010

coming... and going away..

pls excuse my previous post. pompuan emo memang camtu, kalau takde peak hours memang bukan la siti yuhanis.

a kind soul (meaning you, fatma :)) noted that my blog is becoming a blog promoting beauty products. it is, in fact, what i'm interested in at the moment.

keyword : at the moment.

i think i've been vain all my life, its juz that it came in waves, like there are peaks and troughs, exactly how my emotions are. sometimes i even think (especially when i'm in clinical setting), 'eh, chop, ke aku ni bipolar?' kind of thing. gila diagnose diri sendiri. but then again,

orang gila takkan mengaku dia gila. heh.

what you're seeing ladies and (looking around if there's any) gentlemen, is a very classic CANCERIAN frantic to find a suitable facial care for herself now that her current routine's stock is fast diminishing.

(i already see myself turning into the cooking phase again).

while i'm at it, hariz has made an almost scary request: for me to make FIVE CHEESE LASAGNA. my hips shudder (or jiggle is a more accurate expression) at the thought.

if i ever find all the cheeses i need, and finally summon all my courage to make it, i'll post it here okies!

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