Saturday, January 30, 2010

a movie date!

was on a wayang date last night. colleagues kat office terkejut tengok me in baju kurung, then in blouse n jeans the next minute. i guess i got some people a bit jealous that hubby n i are able to do that whenever we want to. but of course when there are just the two of you, nothing's a boundary ey?

had a full line of meals, first stop ayam penyet (which left my behind in a hissy fit the next morning), tutti frutti for desert, then join hariz's colleague for carl's jr. oh, i just had their milkshake, nothing much (!!!).

that was BEFORE wayang.

watched legion, thank god i brought along a quite sheer pashmina. hariz's palm would cover my face entirely, so i wouldn't be able watch the movie at all. see, i admit, aku ni penakut, maka selalu sembunyi belakang tangan dia. but then legion was kind of interesting, hiding behind pashmina was good enough.

it about God being mad with human, and releasing a troop of angels to exterminate them. only thing is, the one instructed to kill the baby that would save mankind, Michael, defy the instruction given to him, and he's helping the humans instead.

a fair part of the movie was interesting, n a little gory (Michael sewed his own back after he cut off his wings, goodness sake!) n other scenes as well, granny who eats raw steak and climb the ceiling of a diner etc. but almost at the end, at the back of my mind i was thinking,

'hey, this is like another version of TERMINATOR (cue background music: dudum dum dudum!)'

well, except that the terminator is in the form of Gabriel.

the scary nenek.
pic googled.

overall its not bad, really. well, at least to my expectation. :)

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