Sunday, January 17, 2010

not again! another cosmetic review.

the christmas sale had made me crazy on make up spree, i'm almost glad its over. but hey, CNY sale has started!! when its gonna end (n let me please please pleaseee keep some money on me)????!!!

let me review another thing that i snagged online during the last sale.

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first off, if you're not a fan of scented cosmetics, this is definitely not for you. but i never minded. the raspberry smell is quite refreshing, i might add. its like dipping into icecream, yummo! its a semitransparent lipcolour that glides smoothly on your lips with a creamy sheen. and the slim tube is quite heavy for its size, not some plain plastic.

at USD20 (about RM78) a pop, i'm not sure if i'm gonna get some other colours of this if its not on sale (i got it for a total steal (a warehouse sale price in Malaysia), RM29!!). the fact is, i don't know if i ever get anything if its not on sale. call me cheap but i really love good bargains!

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