Tuesday, January 19, 2010

was (and is) a busy bee. january is always a busy month for me. n time2 mcm ni, paling tak suka kalau ada ad hoc instruction from somebody, dari department lain pulak tu, pastu dan-dan mintak,

'i nak ni dlm 3 hari'.

ape ke sengal? get off my ample butt, buleh?

enough entry stress. i've yet to tell you guys how i felt about 3 movies i juz watched.

ingluorious basterds, bleurrrgghh. that quite sums it all. haha.

i mean, geli ok, scalping people's heads. i get the conspiracy theory and all, but still bashing people's head with baseball bat, and scalping the heads? **shudders**

night at the museum 2 was a good watch. very entertaining. i wonder the Kahmunrah's character tu mmg saja2 buat ada lisp ke memang actor dia lidah pendek? i dont think he has any (from what i watch btw, run fat boy run was a good one too!). i agree to a lot of other reviews, this sequel is actually better than the first.

tadi baru tengok push. cerita ada dalam rumah dah a few months baru nak tengok. surprisingly good, i should say. dakota fanning will grow to be a gazilliondollar-churning actress. i mean, she already has, and she's just, what, 15? this movie is in the same genre as wanted, and jumper, about people who has special powers kind of thing, n i must say, push topped the list.

on a serious note,

me being busy ada kena mengena jugak dengan health scenario in malaysia. pesanan penaja, please keep your hand sanitizers and tissues with you all the time if you're coughing or having flu, and jangan pegang apa2 merata2 in public places. jangan dok pegang2 sangat escalator belt tu, ntah sapa pegang sebelum tu ko tak tau. keep your bare hands to yourself ok!

if your feel feverish (especially if 39degrees and above), flu-like symptoms, having body aches, sore throats, and headaches, please see the doctor immediately.

word of the wise, if your going to the hospital/clinic, please keep the entourage to a minimum to avoid getting infection. this little act can save your lives, your families', and help curb the contagious disease.

bukan senang nak dengar cik(puan) anis serius. eceh. tapi serius ok, ingat pesanan penaja!


reena said...

Inglorious Basterds definitely one of the most disturbing movies!

anis-chan said...

you can say that again.. tak tau la nak tgk lagi tak..