Wednesday, January 13, 2010


now that i've watched it, i know dorian gray will never make it to malaysia's cinema.


because there'll be soooooooooo many scenes that will be cut until there's no more movie.

its a dark piece, this movie. reminds me of sweeney todd, but none of the musical stuff. it potrays young dorian gray who arrived in london, very naive, n ended abusing his physical self, well, because nothing will happen since its gonna be transferred to the painting. n the painting was as ugly as what u can imagine, with maggots crawling out of the face. eurgghh. add up a few killing scenes, n that quite sums it up nicely. but the thing is, scenes about him abusing himself also included having sex with different partners, in orgies, women in brothels, a girl who just came of age, then her mother(??!!), ANNNNDDD..

the man who painted him.

gross. i know. now came me being prejudice. all sorts of questions came into mind. why do they have to put this scene in? is this scene (man with man thing) originally written in the book by oscar wilde, who, by the way, was gay?

conclusion: must read the book. to get the truth i mean, not for the saucy parts laaaahhh. but i don't know how on earth can i get my hands on it, since the original was published in 1890, as the only book published by oscar wilde (others were all short stories).

edited: there's (should be!!!) penguin classics version of this!! how can i forget about it! but of course, i'd expect there's nothing raunchy ;)

for more info, please refer to PARENTS' GUIDE FOR DORIAN GRAY.

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awesome blossom said...

weeeeee, tp ada colin firth kan? apsal tahun nih dia berlakon citer gay je. dorian gray, and lagi satu citer 'a single man', which porobably won't come to malaysian cinema either.

ni yg kena carik dvd nih, abd darcy berlakon, mana boleh miss.

anis-chan said...

hahaha.. tp fatma, bukan dia yg gay. takdak chance lah.. kahkahkah