Friday, February 19, 2010

clinique's turnaround instant facial

there's something bursting to be said from me, n its been in my mind for a few days. but its too personal, too personal.

never mind.

after more than three weeks of use, let me tell u a product that i'm sure i'm not gonna buy anymore:

pic googled

the texture of this masque cum scrub is indeed nice, very fine grains which doesnt tug at your skin. it has this distant mint smell, but i'm not opposed to perfumed products per say. it does feel nice while it sits on my face, but a little messy when i had to pat on some water to exfoliate after 5 minutes of mask. i never minded the messiness though, i think i had something similar like this a few years back, TBS bluecorn husk mask&scrub.

while it doesnt make me break out or anything, it doesnt do anything either. i mean, you know, nothing to shout about. i know, i know, if u can see the difference in two applications on your face, there IS something VERY strong in that face product n it shouldnt be good for you, but this, i'm not feeling it, u know what i mean?

n to pay RM190 for a tube of 75ml mask just doesnt make sense! i dont know what was i thinking at that time, i guess my curiousity got the better of me :D

now. there's another Clinique's Total Turnaround product that i won't mind spending on. but thats on another post lah.

am making lunch and some spaghetti sauce to bring over my BIL's house. we'll be bunking at their place tonight! later :)


reena said...

Babe, u nak jual tak? If u nak jual, I nak beli.

anis-chan said...

ala reena, lambat la offer.. semlm baru p counter balik. lepas tanya mcm2, i pk nak abiskan tube tu. hehehe