Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what's cooking good looking?

since my last post about body scrubs, i successfully made scrub that will last me a few times of usage. n since its homemade and all, i dont feel icky putting it into the fridge with other foodstuff. win-win! yeay!

i did the 'olive you,honey! scrub', minus honey (since my stock tinggal a few tbsp utk health consumption) oh boy did it smell heavenly! from what i read that scrub can also be used as scalp exfoliant, and also face scrub! double yeay!

please pardon the fuzziness, namanya dok dalam peti sejuk hehehe

the only thing is, if u cant stand oiliness i dont think this is for you. or if you have any issues with cinnamon (i read somewhere some people couldnt stand the stinging sensation cinnamon might give, especially on luka or jerawat) please avoid this as well. but i'm ok with it so i'm good. my only gripe is that it made my skin sooo bloody smooth the wax strips don't want to stick on my legs for my waxing session hahahaha

but i tell u, after quite a long shower, my skin is soooo smooth i couldnt stop touching myself! put on Daisy body butter on top, a touch of lip stain on your lips n cheeks and you're ready for a beautiful day!

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